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Top 5 Best Electric Meat Grinders

For some kitchens, an electric meat grinder is an indispensable piece of equipment for their kitchen. However, not everyone sees the need for them. This is usually because they do not see the benefits of having your very own machine. Electric meat grinders should, in fact, be a staple at one’s kitchen due to its practicality.

Having your own meat grinder could mean having to grind your own meat. This may sound tougher than it seems, but with a good quality machine, grinding could be easily achieved. Having to grind your own meat presents great benefits such as: not having to pay extra for your butcher to grind the meat up for you; the opportunity to have ground meat whenever you choose; the chance to make your own sausages, burgers, and other various dishes; and the option of making all natural food for your pets.

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The task of owning and operating an electric meat grinder is not at all difficult. With only a few parts to tinker with, assembly, disassembly, and cleanup is simple and easy. Operating it is even simpler as you get a set of buttons to work with, depending on the brand of machine you get, you can even just get one button or switch for everything. All you need to do is to turn the meat grinder on, put the meat through the feed tube, and you would have already ground up the meat – that simple!

But in order to get the easiest and most efficient time grinding meat, one must have the best possible meat grinder. Having the best machine will not only save you time in grinding meats, it should also give you the tools you need to create various dishes, as well as allow you to grind various meats with some of them still having their bone. So with that in mind, what is the best electric meat grinder?

#5 MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550 Watt Stainless Finish Meat Grinder

Starting off the top five is the MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550 Watt Stainless Finish Meat Grinder. When it comes to its looks, this machine is beautiful due to its body which has a stainless finish that really gives off that durable feel that a lot of consumers are looking for. Its exterior is perfect for any kitchen as its beauty would do well to be on your countertop.

Maximatic HA 3433 HA electric grinder review

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For the price of only $60, the power on this machine is good. Easily grinding meats such as beef, pork, chicken, turkey, and venison, it can also handle the bones of the chicken, which is great for a meat grinder on this price range. This electric meat grinder is also easy to use as you get only one button for every function, while putting it together and away, as well as cleaning it up is fairly simple.

However, there are some issues with this machine, hence putting it on the fifth position. One of the biggest issues with this machine is its lack of accessories as it only comes with two case iron cutting discs and a sausage attachment. If it had more cutting blades, or if it came with a set of sausage attachments instead of just the two cutting blades and only one sausage attachment, this machine would have made it higher on the list.

Some of the other flaws to this machine are its loud noise, which could really drown you out, and its wobbliness when it is processing meat. The sound could be a nuisance for your home while its wobbliness could scare off a few people. Thankfully, its rubber feet stabilize it so it will not actually fall onto its side on you.

#4 Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855

On the fourth position is the Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855. Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it would fit into any kitchen easily with its sturdy brushed stainless-steel housing and black accents. It could match your other appliances perfectly and would do pretty well on your countertop. For consumers who are looking for beauty and durability for their meat grinder, this machine is a perfect match for you.

Waring MG855 Meat Grinder

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With a price tag of around $100, its power is very agreeable. Despite only having a 450 Watt-motor, it can really ground meats such as chicken, beef, pork, and even wild game meat such as that of a deer’s. It can also handle the bones of a chicken pretty well. It can grind meat for a reasonable amount of time continuously, so you don’t need to have it off to cool down, neither will this machine seize up on you, so it will really be saving you time.

This electric meat grinder’s ease of use should really be noted as it only has a few parts to contend with so assembly, disassembly, and clean up is super easy. With it being so simple, you can get to grinding, cleaning, or storing it pretty quickly.

As for its accessories, it has a fair amount of items to help you with your dishes. Coming in with three cutting plates and two sausage attachments can at least put some variety to whatever it is you are making. This amount of accessories is fairly good as it will equip you with the things you need.

#3 Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder

Placing in the middle of the race is the Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder. Design-wise, this meat grinder has a modern look to it with its stainless steel finish that would make you proud to have it sitting on your countertop. Its black and stainless steel look could effortlessly go with your other appliances of the same décor. Flaunting not only beauty, its stainless steel body also gives it that much needed durability that will make it last in your kitchen for a long time.

Sunmile G33 Electric grinder

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What puts the Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder on the third position is its power. With its 400W-rated power and 800W max locked power, you can surely grind till your heart’s content. Its high power and durable 8825 motor will allow you to grind up to 170 pounds of meat per hour. What is exceptional with this meat grinder’s power is the fact that you can process wild game meat very well. In fact, you can process a whole deer on this machine and it will take you no more than a couple of hours. For the price of just between $70 and $80, this meat grinder is great, power-wise.

All of the buttons on this machine can also be found on just one side, so you can be confident that you won’t be fumbling through the controls when you are processing meat. It is also fairly easy to put together and put away, making this another friendly electric meat grinder for your home.

Rightfully making its way to the third spot, this machine comes with a good number of accessories. Along with the meat grinder itself, you will be getting: one cutting blade, a good set of cutting plates, and a set of sausage attachments. With these accessories, you are sure to have a blast preparing different meals and creating sausages, making it a great appliance to have in your kitchen.

#2 STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat Grinder

For the hefty price of around $180, the STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat Grinder looks really durable with its industrial aesthetic of white exterior and polished food-grade cast aluminum body. Its polished food-grade cast aluminum body assures you that it is durable and sturdy so you will never have to worry about it breaking on you. What makes its design quite unique is the buttons which are laid out on a neat metal indention on one side. These small tweaks on the design of the buttons and the tough-looking exterior are the reasons why consumers go for machines such as this meat grinder.

STX Turboforce 3000 electric meat grinder

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When it comes to the STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat Grinder’s accessories, you will be pleasantly surprised. One of the main selling points of this brand is its larger than average grinding head which is a size #12. It also comes with three stainless steel cutting blades, three sizes of tempered/hardened steel grinding plates, a set of three sausage stuffing tubes, and a kubbe attachment. This great number of accessories allows it to be absolutely vital in your kitchen as it can give you several different varieties to what meals you can prepare. From the three blades and plates which allow you to have that perfect ground meat that you want, to the deeply appreciated set of sausage stuffing tubes and kubbe attachment, this machine can do wonders for you.

As for the STX-3000-TF Turboforce 3-Speed Electric Meat Grinder’s power, you can be confidently grinding with its 3000 Watt of peak output power; using 800 Watts to 1200 Watts of power to grind meat. This great power allows you to grind all sorts of meats, both the usual sort of meat to the tougher wild game meat. You can also grind even the bones of the chicken. Its power is so great that it can go through several pounds of meat in just mere minutes, saving you time. And as a testament to its durability and power, you can use it quite frequently too!

Having just six parts to manage, it is pretty simple to put together, disassemble, and clean. Coupled with its strong power, you can be done with the whole machine in no time – really saving you a lot of time.

#1 STX Magnum 1800W Series Electric Meat Grinder

Finally, what takes the top position is the STX Magnum 1800W Series Electric Meat Grinder. With an expensive price tag of $200, its overall look is truly premium quality. It has a sleek and very modern stainless steel housing which offers great protection. A perfect fit for any modern kitchen, this machine will do great as a prized accessory on your kitchen countertop. What sets this electric meat grinder’s design apart from the other is its futuristic looking power button, which resembles that of a computer, making it ultra modern and effortlessly chic.

Stx magnum 1800 air cooled electric meat grinder

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When it comes to accessories, it gets a perfect mark as it comes complete with a number of good accessories, and then some. To start it all off, you get the polished cast aluminum size #12 grinding head, you get three tempered steel grinding plates, three stainless steel cutting blades, thee sausage tubes and kubbe attachment, and finally, what is very unique to this machine, a tomato juicer attachment! With several different toys for you to play with, you are sure to prepare a wide assortment of meals. And with the tomato juicer attachment, you can even prepare sauces or just make juice straight up. Clearly, this great number of accessories is one of the reasons why this product makes it to the number one position.

But its winning streak doesn’t stop with just the accessories; its power is of the best quality too. With 1800 Watt of peak output power, you can grind meat to the tune of anywhere between 800 Watts to 1200 Watts of power. When grinding your basic meats, it will swallow it up effortlessly and give you perfectly ground meat, capable of processing several pounds of meat in a matter of a few minutes. In fact, you can grind over a hundred pounds of meat and it will take you no more than 20 minutes. And if you think this power comes at the cost of loud noise, this machine will surprise you as to how quiet it is.

A feature of this machine that should be highlighted is its patented “Cowl Air Induction Cooling System” which cools off the motor when it is in use. This means you get to grind meat continuously and without the fear that you would have to stop the machine for it to cool off.

And finally, this electric meat grinder is pretty simple to operate as well as assemble/disassemble, and clean up. There isn’t really any reason for you to have a hard time with the STX Magnum 1800W Series Electric Meat Grinder.

All of these great features, accessories, design, ease of use, and especially power, are the reasons why the STX Magnum 1800W Series Electric Meat Grinder is number one. A product that you should definitely have in your kitchen and is certainly worth your money!

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