Guide Gear 350W Electric Meat Grinder Review

Having your very own meat grinder at home is a huge help, and not many realize this. With a meat grinder, you get to save both time and money as you get to process your own meat. No longer will you have to buy meat and pay extra just to have it ground up for you. But in order to truly reap the benefits of having a meat grinder at home is to have a good quality machine that will really do the work for you.

The Guide Gear 350W Electric Meat Grinder is one such machine that is available for consumers to purchase, but is it worth your money? Could it make your life better by making things for convenient for you?

Guide gear 350w electric grinder

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Design – 3/5

The Guide Gear 350W Electric Meat Grinder’s design is quite contemporary, choosing polished aluminum along with the color white for its exterior. It has a very clean look to it, very sophisticated, and will fit a kitchen’s décor quite well. The only downside to this meat grinder is that it does not really look durable or strong as only its head and feed tray are made from polished aluminum. Those who are looking for a sturdy look of having all steel on their meat grinder might have to go for another machine. Nevertheless, the Guide Gear 350W Electric Meat Grinder still does look really pleasing and will look really nice on any countertop.

Accessories – 2.8/5

Guide Gear 350W Electric Meat Grinder does come with a few accessories, which is good, however, these accessories that it comes with does suffer from a few issues. Along with the meat grinder, you will get solid scroll, sausage adapter, meat filling pan, food pusher, and three metal plates: 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm. It’s good that this machine comes with three metal plates so you can choose how small you can grind your meat, however, its other accessories are the ones that have flaws.

One of the troubling accessories that this meat grinder has is its food pusher. Food pusher should reliably push down the meat to aid the machine in grinding it, but the food pusher that this machine comes with is a bit small. What happens is when you push meat down, some of it escapes on the side, giving you a bit of a problem of trying to push everything down.

The other accessory that is also flawed is the sausage adapter. Some consumers have noted that meat or oil can leak from around the shaft, making sausage making difficult or messy. A few on the other hand have reported that it does not work at all, defeating the purpose of having such an attachment.

It’s good that there was some thought in putting these simple accessories along with the meat grinder itself, however, if they do not function well, there is no purpose as to having them. So what you really end up with are just the metal plates which you can use to grind up meat – something that is pretty much expected from a meat grinder.

Also, as a final note on some of the accessories, be reminded that not all of them should be placed in the dishwasher as they will turn black.

guid egear 350w studio photo

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Power – 3/5

When it comes to the Guide Gear 350W Electric Meat Grinder’s power, it only gets an average mark – not that bad, but not that good. You can put in different meats such as the usual pork, beef, and deer and it will grind it up for you, but it is still not that perfect as other meat grinders’ performance. You can chuck in meat at it and it will grind it up for you, but the ground meat may not be to your satisfaction as some are uneven.

Another issue to its grinding power is the fact that you have to let it cool down after several minutes of using it continuously. This is somewhat of a deal-breaker especially when you want to process a whole deer. What happens is that you will have to grind meat in batches, give the machine a break, then continue grinding, which is kind of time consuming.

Another slight issue that may turn off other consumers is the loud noise behind the machine’s power. Just simply turning it on can already drown you out in its noise, what more when grinding meat?

So in the end, the Guide Gear 350W Electric Meat Grinder does not really deliver in terms of benefiting from having your own meat grinder, power-wise.

Ease of Use – 3.5/5

As for its ease of use, it also gets an average grade. Assembling the machine could prove challenging for the novice when it comes to kitchen appliances so you may need to take your time with it. For some, this means more time wasted as they won’t be able to grind meats immediately after purchase or after taking it out from storage.

Also, since some of the accessories should not be placed in the dishwasher, you will have to manually clean them off yourself, which is, admittedly, a slight issue which can be overlooked.

Verdict – 2.9/5

All in all, the Guide Gear 350W Electric Meat Grinder does not really deliver as a great quality machine which will help you reap the benefits of having your own meat grinder. Its design is appealing and may work well with a lot of kitchens but it lacks the durable feel that some are looking for aesthetics-wise. When it comes to ease of use, consumers could run into some problems when assembling it which brings down the score by a bit.

What really knocks its score down is its power which is not perfect as well as having to let it cool down for a bit after some time of continuous use. The major flaw of the Guide Gear 350W Electric Meat Grinder is its accessories which are faulty. Instead of helping you do the work or make the grinder a better machine for your kitchen, its setbacks would make you want to be more patient or not use them altogether. For a price that is just below $60, you are better off looking for a better one that is priced at $70 to $80.

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