Homeleader Electric Meat Grinder Review

Have you ever wanted to grind more than just meat? It can be difficult to find that one specific meat grinder that can also grind other things for you such as vegetables and what not. For those who have yet to find such a machine that can grind food other than meat settle for buying a separate appliance, thereby costing them more money and more space on their countertop.

But what if there was a meat grinder that can also grind vegetables and even cheese? The Homeleader Electric Meat Grinder/Mincer is one such machine that is versatile enough to help you grind food other than meats. But even with its versatility, could the Homeleader grinder be the machine that you have been looking for?

Homeleader electric meat grinder

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Design – 5/5

Right off the bat, you can tell that the Homeleader Meat Grinder is beautiful with its black and stainless steel housing. This sort of exterior makes it easy to match the popular décor that people have with their kitchens, such as the same design of ovens and refrigerators, not to mention how beautiful it will look on black or white countertops.

However, this pleasing design is not only for aesthetics as its stainless steel exterior does offer durability, thereby giving you security that the meat grinder will last you for a long time. The metal food tray is also spacious enough to carry generous amounts of meat. In addition, its non-slip rubber feet gives it that stability that some meat grinders lack as the machine will surely vibrate once it starts processing meat.

Accessories – 5/5

It’s worth mentioning that some meat grinders come with some accessories, but some brands just give you one cutting plate and expect you to purchase the others. Homeleader’s Electric Meat Grinder/Mincer does not do this to its consumers as it comes packed with accessories. Right off the box, you get three exchangeable cutting plates, a food pusher, a sausage and kibble attachment, and a set of vegetable shredder attachment.

The accessories the meat grinder comes with is simply brilliant. A lot of consumers who purchase meat grinders use it to process meat for their pets, so having a kibble attachment will surely cover the niche of consumers looking to grind meat for their pets.

Meanwhile, the three exchangeable cutting plates, which are coarse, medium, and fine, give you a variety of ways to grind your meat, unlike other brands that only give you one or two plates. And finally, you also get a great vegetable shredder attachment which permits your meat grinder to also process foods other than meat. With this attachment, you can also grind cheese. This type of attachment truly broadens the use of one meat grinder – a great deal!

Homeleader meat grinder accessories

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Power – 3/5

The Homeleader Electric Grinder is a machine that is perfectly suited for the average home which needs to grind foods only every so often. This meat grinder can handle pork, beef, and lamb perfectly, grinding four to six pounds per minute. However, this grinder is not suited for wild game meat such as deer or elk. So for the hunters out there that want to grind meats from elk and deer, this machine may not be the one for you as you will need a grinder with a bit more power.

Another issue that you also have to face with this machine is the time limit when it comes to grinding meat. You have ten full minutes for its duty cycle and then you have to let ten minutes pass for it to cool off – this relatively short period of grinding meat does the job well, as it can get you to grind 40 pounds before having to let it cool off. This amount is quite good, especially for the average home-cook as the amount is still large for quite a short period of time, but it is certainly not made for commercial use.

This duty and cooling cycles does bring its points down, but it should not take away from the fact that it does the job well, grinding meats such as pork, beef, and lamb.

Ease of Use – 4/5

The Homeleader Meat Grinder is quite easy to use despite having a few parts to consider. There are instructions on how to assemble it so you will get to assemble it easily, provided you understand the assembly instructions which proved to be confusing for some consumers as they claim it was poorly written. Operating it is also quite simple as you get all the buttons and knob you need on just one side, so you don’t have to fumble on anything. Cleaning it can also be done quickly and easily, so it does score well when it comes to the ease of use department.

Homeleader meat grinder machine side view

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Verdict – 4/5

For its price of around $70 to $80, homleader’s meat grinder is a good machine that was specifically made for average home use. It can quickly and efficiently grind vegetables, cheese, and meat for you. But it is not made to grind wild game meat as its motor is not that powerful for it. You will also have to contend with the duty and cooling cycles when grinding as well, so you won’t be able to grind large quantities of meat. If you do want to grind abundant amounts of meat, you will need to be patient and finish the ten minute-cooling cycle.

A brilliant thing about the Homeleader Electric Meat Mincer machine is the number of attachments it comes with. Very few brands offer an attachment for kibble. And since a lot of consumers who buy meat grinders process meats for their pets, this is a win for them. Another great thing about this meat grinder is its attachment for vegetables as it can also grind cheese for you. This simple attachment significantly broadens the use of the machine, thereby allowing it for more functions.

All in all, if you are someone who grinds meet once or twice a week and only in small batches, then the Homeleader Electric Meat Grinder machine is for you as it really does the work well. With a great look to it and ingenious accessories, it is a good buy.

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