Maximatic HA-3433A review

MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550 Watt Stainless Finish Meat Grinder Review

Home cooks, hunters, and those who love to throw gatherings at their own home would appreciate a good quality electric meat grinder in their own kitchen. Having their own electric meat grinder could mean making their own burger patties, sausages, meat loaf, and a lot more dishes which can broaden your culinary repertoire. In addition to expanding the dishes that you can make, you can also save money as you can grind your own meat.

The MaxiMatic HA-3433A  Meat Grinder could be that machine that can meet all your meat grinding needs. But is it the one for you?

Maximatic HA 3433 HA electric grinder review

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Design – 5/5

The MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550 Watt truly has a heavy-duty design to it. Its aluminum die-cast grinder head coupled with the body’s stainless finish really gives that durable feeling that consumers like to see with their appliances. Not only does it scream durability, its exterior is aesthetically pleasing and could nicely fit into any kitchen as well as match your other appliances.

When it comes to the switches, there is only one, so there is no confusion as to which button to press or what switch to toggle. This one button switches through on, off, and reverse. Surprisingly, the small switch works really well with this electric meat grinder’s body, unlike other grinders that also have the same small switch, on the MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550 Watt Stainless Finish Meat Grinder it does not look out of place.

This machine’s feed-screw shaft that has a rubber seal to it conveniently blocks liquid backup in the motor drive so that is a huge plus. In addition, the rubber feet on it which ensures stability is another welcome feature.

Accessories – 3/5

This MaxiMatic electric Grinder does have only a few accessories compared to other brands out in the market today. Accessories that come with the machine are: the removable food tray, two cast iron cutting discs (coarse and fine), food pusher, and the sausage attachment.

Having just two cutting discs is really a setback for this electric meat grinder. This means you will only get two kinds of grind type, not really broadening the type of ground meat that you could have. Other brands have three types of cutting blades which really help expand the dishes that you can make.

The sausage attachment, which can also doubles as a kebbe attachment, is a welcome addition, but that really isn’t much of a bonus as a lot of brands also have that with their meat grinder. In the end, you only get just a few things to play with – not that impressive, giving it that average score.

Maximatic ha 3433a grinding accessories

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Power – 4/5

Power-wise, the HA-3433A Elite Platinum 550 Watt does pretty well for its 550 Watt power. You can easily grind beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and venison on this machine. It can even handle the bones of the chicken which is impressive for this kind of electric meat grinder.

However, with this power does come a few issues. One of the main flaws that occur when grinding is its wobbliness. The machine does tend to move quite a bit when grinding, thankfully it has the rubber feet which saves it from toppling over from the shaking. This could be a minor issue as this meat grinder does perform well. Another flaw that just might turn off a few consumers is the fact that this electric meat grinder can get really loud when in operation.

Also, there are a few things that you should remember when grinding with this machine despite having its power. Chicken skin tends to clog up the blades and you might have to tighten some parts after use as some screws can loosen up, but still, this machine does well for its loud noise, wobbliness, and other minor issues.

Ease of Use 4.5/5

One of the great things about the MaxiMatic Meat Grinder is its ease of use. This is especially true when it comes to assembly as you can put it together or take it apart real quick and effortlessly. Its ease of assembly means you can get to grinding pretty quick as well as get it cleaned relatively fast, and have stored in your cupboard if you so choose.

The one and only switch of this electric meat grinder really makes operating it super easy. Just switch it up to turn it on, switch it down for have it on reverse, and the default position of the switch turns it off. When it comes to cleaning it, just remember that some parts are not suited for the dishwasher as it will discolor it. So pretty much anyone can operate this, as well as have it cleaned, making this very user friendly.

Maximatic 3433a sausage mode

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Verdict – 4/5

Looking at the MaxiMatic HA-3433A Elite Platinum , you are getting a good machine for its price of around $60. It has some great pros such as its great aesthetics which can work well into any kitchen and smart design which can save you from a few problems. Not to mention the great power it has inside which allows you to grind almost any meat, and have chicken bone in when grinding. Another great thing about this electric meat grinder is its ease of use which really does make life a lot simpler.

However, let’s not forget that it does have a few flaws. One of its biggest flaws is its lack of accessories, giving you only two cutting plates and a sausage attachment to work with. This significantly narrows down what you can do with this meat grinder as some consumers often want a machine that can do a lot of things for them. Another issue that you have to contend with this meat grinder is its loud noise. Admittedly, this does not really affect its performance; however, it is an annoyance that some consumers dislike. There is also the issue of its wobbliness which might intimidate other grinder-beginners, but this is just a minor issue.

All in all, the HA-3433A 550 Watt Stainless Finish electric Grinder is pretty good. If you are just looking for a straight up meat grinder that can ground meat for you and don’t mind the noise, then by all means, get this machine, but if you are looking for a meat grinder that can do more, then go for another brand.

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