Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder Review

Grinding meat can be such a chore without having your very own electric meat grinder. Having to grind pork and beef is already a challenge for some even when using a electric griner, but to go through other kinds of meats such as deer or elk could pose even more of a challenge.

Mothers, Grandmas, and even the men who love making sausages want a machine that is not only powerful, but is also easy to use. It’s not very often do the casual homemakers grind meat, so they want a meat grinder that is simple, something that they can just flip the switch and get to grinding. So for those that love making sausages and using different kinds of meats, what is the option for you? Could the Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder be the one for you?

Sunmile G33 S/S meat grinder

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Design – 4.5/5

The Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder certainly has a modern look to it with its fine stainless steel finishes which could easily let itself fit in any modern kitchen. For those that want their kitchen appliances to match, Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder’s black and stainless steel aesthetics could go seamlessly with popular ovens and refrigerator designs that also go for the dark and steely look.

It has a big capacity tray is not an eye soar and will allow you to have ample space for meats you want to grind. Standing at 340mm, 152mm thick, and 304mm wide, this electric meat grinder won’t be taking that much space in your kitchen and would even do well to stand freely in your countertop instead of being hidden away in your pantry or cupboard. So if you are concerned about this electric grinder’s looks, take comfort in the fact that you will get a beautiful machine to grind meats in.

Accessories – 3.5/5

The Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder is simple with its accessories, coming in with only the essentials. This meat grinder comes with one stainless steel cutting blade, along with one set of various stainless steel cutting plates for any of your grinding needs. And you don’t have to worry about using a wooden cooking spoon’s handle to cram meats into the machine as the Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder comes with a plastic food pusher. Perfectly made for making sausages, it also comes with a set of sausage attachment – simple attachments for a straight-forward electric meat grinder.

Sunmile G33 grinder on-off button

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Power – 5/5

An electric meat grinder should have power as it will be grinding meats, tough ones even, when the need arises. So how does Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder’s power go?

This meat grinder is surely backed up with power as it allows you to grind meat easily. With 400W rated power and 800W max locked power, you can effortlessly grind up to 170 lbs of meat per hour. It can easily go through beef, pork, and chicken, but it can grind so much more than that. Homemakers and sausage makers alike would enjoy using this grinder even for wild game meat. You can even grind meat as well as wild game meat on this meat grinder for several hours and it will keep working for you well. As a testament to this machine’s power, you can grind a whole deer with it and it will take you no more than a couple of hours.

Even when used daily, the Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder will not give out on you, assuring you that it is strong, powerful, and durable. You may be able to tell that this grinder will have a more challenging time with other kinds of meats, but it will still do the job for you. More than that, it takes a lot before having to use the breaker or the reset.

Backed up by a high power and durable 8825 type motor, and its special internal design, you can efficiently grind meat quickly. And with its mechanism utilizing high intensive plastic material, you know this grinder will last you for a very long time. Absolutely powerful! So with this electric meat grinder, you are sure to have perfectly ground meat any time you choose.

sunmile g33 custom design details

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Ease of Use – 4.5/5

With the power of the machine already covered, an issue that homemakers need answering is the machine’s ease of use. With the Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder, you would be surprised to know that it is quite simple to use. With the On, Off, and Reverse switches all found in one side, you won’t have to take much attention away from grinding meat as everything can be found in one place. When it comes to assembly and disassembly, with very few parts, you would find everything will be a breeze to do.

Verdict – 5/5

Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder is a grinder for the books as it does everything you would expect a grinder would do, and it does it really well. With a price tag of $70 to $80, you get a grinder that does the work really well – continuously, effortlessly, and powerfully. Feel free to stuff the machine with meat as it can surely grind it up for you. Though the Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder does not come with a lot of accessories, it doesn’t really need all the bells and whistles as it does pretty well with the things it comes with.

When it comes to the looks department, it can blend seamlessly into your other kitchen appliances and will not be off-putting due to its sleek black and stainless steel exterior. You will never have to be ashamed of a grinder again.

And you won’t have to worry about being confused with its assembly or disassembly as it is pretty easy to have it standing on your kitchen, ready to grind. Just snap the parts together, and you are set. A word of caution though, when washing the different parts, be mindful of them as some are small enough to go through the drain.

With all the pros, and not really any cons, the Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder is a must have kitchen equipment that is highly recommended for anyone that does a lot of grinding.

1 Comment On "Sunmile G33 S/S Meat Grinder Review"
Valerie Ramos May 4, 2015 at 3:39 am Reply

We were looking for an electric meat grinder that could really grind meats along with their bone. We have three dogs and a cat. We don’t like feeding them commercial products so we make our own food for them. My husband and I would grind up chicken legs and breasts, with bone still in, and we found that the Sunmile G33 really did a good job of grinding everything. Needless to say, our pets are very happy with what they are eating.
Additionally, my husband really loves having sausages for breakfast or dinner.

He would put in pork, beef, turkey, and we would have great sausages for whatever meal we want it in.

It was easy to use, making my husband a real sausage aficionado. Since we share the work, when he makes the sausages, I clean up the machine for him. I got to say, it’s really easy to clean up.
I can simply remove each part and clean it up. I love it!
After seeing how easy it was for my husband to use it, I also started using it myself. I would grind up several pounds of meat for my chili recipe and suffice to say, we are now enjoying chili every week.

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