Waring die cast mg55 review

Consumers tend to go for products that say it is of professional quality. With that sort of description, people expect the product to be great in whatever it is for. Same goes for professional quality electric meat grinder – when one hears or reads that it is professional quality, consumers expect that the machine to eat the meat up and give you ground meat.

One such product that claims that it is of professional quality is the Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855. Could this electric meat grinder really do the work for you? Is it worthy of the words “profession quality?”

Waring MG855 Meat Grinder

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Design – 4.5/5

On a design perspective, the Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855 really does have an appealing look to it. With a sturdy brushed stainless-steel housing and black accents, it can fit into any simple, modern, or sleek kitchen theme. It can also easily match other appliances in your kitchen, so this electric meat grinder won’t seem out of place.

Just by it looks alone, you will get that feeling that this electric meat grinder is sturdy and durable – which is a factor that a lot of consumers are looking for. And with only one switch to go for, operating this machine would be really simple. The design of the one and only switch does seem to be very small when compared to the whole body of this machine.

Accessories – 3.5/5

The Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855 does not really give you a lot of toys to play with. It just gives you a few accessories – pretty straight-forward for an electric meat grinder.

Right out of the box, you will get 3 cutting plates and two sausage attachments. The metal cutting plates included are: fine plate for foods such as hamburgers and spreads; medium plate for a small ground but still has some texture to it; and the coarse plate which is used for meals such as chili. With the two sausage attachments it has, you can make your very own sausages at home.

It’s nice to see an electric meat grinder that does give you more than one or two cutting plates so that you have a better variety of what kind of ground meat you want, however, just having the three cutting plates and the two sausage attachments would only net them an average score as some machines have certain accessories that make them function very differently from the others.

waring die cast mg55 accessories

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Power –4.7/5

The Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855 boasts that it is of professional quality, and the best way to see if it is of that quality is its power. Power-wise, it makes use of a heavy-duty 450 Watt motor which is not bad for an electric meat grinder.

Surprisingly though, the Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855’s 450 Watt motor can really do the job, and it does it pretty well. You can feed it chicken, beef, pork, and even deer, and it will grind it up for you. In fact, it can even handle chicken legs, bone and all, however, you will need to smash it a bit though just to give it a bit of help, but still, the fact that it can grind meat along with the bones is no small feat.

Once you feed the meat into the machine, you will really have great ground meat for whatever purpose you may need it for. What’s more is that it can run for a good few hours and it will not give out on you, so you can continuously grind meats, bone in. This allows you to save time as you won’t have to debone a chicken or you won’t have to stop grinding just to give your machine a break.

So despite having a 450 Watt motor, the Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855 performs really well, surprisingly so. If this electric meat grinder can grind meats such as those of chicken, pork, beef, and deer no problem, and still have the bones on the chicken, then it does live to its description of being professional quality.

Ease of Use – 5/5

The product’s ease of use is where the Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855 really shines. Because of its few parts, it is really simple to assemble, so you won’t get frustrated in setting it up and you can quickly get to grinding meat. Operating it is also a breeze as the one switch has got you covered for all of its function: on, off, and reverse.

Cleaning the different parts is also very easy to accomplish. Just remember to completely dry the parts before storing them just to be sure. Also, so as not to run into any future difficulties, make sure to clean the whole machine up when done. Do not let any of the meat cake up, thus making clean up in the future more difficult.

waring die cast mg55 grinder output

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Verdict – 4/5

The Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855 is a very good electric meat grinder. It is deceptively powerful as it allows you to grind meats with some bone in them as well as handle some wild game meat, living up to its professional quality description. This machine’s design is also where it gets good points as it has that sleek, modern design to it which guarantees not only beauty, but also durability. In addition to those great features, the Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855’s ease of use also makes it stand out. You can easily assemble it as well as clean it, store it, and you are done. All in all, if you can assemble the machine quickly, grind the meat up fast, clean it up easily, then everything is all good for its price of $100.

But what does bring down some of its points is its number of accessories. Yes, the three cutting plates are great as you will get variety to your ground meat, but that’s what to be expected from a meat grinder. If it only had more accessories, other than the sausage attachments, which by the way is still very much appreciated, the Waring Die Cast Meat Grinder MG 855 would get a higher score, if not perfect it.


1 Comment On "Waring die cast mg55 review"
ludo May 4, 2015 at 3:37 am Reply

I absolutely love the MG 855! I bought an electric meat grinder back then to grind my own meats, but after just a while of grinding, it seized up on me. That is why I was skeptical with the MG 855. As soon as it came in, I tested it out and I was in love with it!

I am not very handy with anything but I really found this meat grinder easy to put together and even easier to use. I’m happy that I can assemble it pretty easily because I’m a neat freak, and I really want things super clean after every use, and with this one, I can assemble it and disassemble it easily, allowing me to clean it every time.
As for its power, I love throwing barbeque parties. So what I do is prepare a lot of burger patties the night before so it’s easier for me on the day itself.

For my burger patties, I use pure chicken and a mix of both pork and beef. I fed the machine around 20 pounds of meat and I was done in like 15 minutes! I am really glad I got this grinder. I no longer have any problem making patties.

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